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Pristine Email is probably the newest spam filter service on the block. In this era of consolidation of spam filtering service companies, Prisitine Email seems to be coming to market not bragging about their technology but instead offering a very affordable mx redirect spam filtering service with pricing published right on their website. Many spam blocker services have monthly minimums that are just too much for small businesses but Pristine Email offers services to companies with just five email addresses. UPDATED Sept. 20, 2011 

MX FORCE is a spam filter service that describes itself as a "a new generation of cloud-based email security."  The company claims "It’s easier, faster, more accurate, and more flexible. And with our 100% Uptime Network, there's no safer solution." The spam service is based in Dallas, Texas and their product is called CloudCrest. A 30 day trial is is offered on their website. 

MailWatch is a spam filtering service that its website calls "one of the leading providers of boundary email security services for companies of any size, across nearly every industry. Deployed between the Internet and your network, Infocrossing’s MailWatch service creates an effective boundary where inbound and outbound emails are scanned and unwanted messages are isolated before they have a chance to disrupt your business..."

AppRiver. Email Security. Easy, Effective, Affordable.

SecureTide Spam Filter Service from Appriver is a email filtering service described as "preventing spam, phishing scams, viruses and other internet pollution from impacting email operations. While SecureTideTM is best known for its accuracy and low maintenance, equally remarkable is its ease of implementation. The following six steps outline how the SecureTideTM solution acts on client email to determine whether hand-off to the client email system or the offsite email quarantine is more suitable... At the heart of service is a proprietary Spam detection system that utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques. In addition to sophisticated Spam identification analytics, SecureTideTM employs multiple anti-virus engines as well as proprietary detection systems that rid incoming email of worms, viruses, phishing attempts and other protocol-based vulnerabilities...."


Google email security, powered by Postini, says they help "keep your email free from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email threats. Google email security, is a hosted solution that blocks spam and other threats well before they reach your enterprise. Unlike legacy products, it requires no hardware or software to install and maintain, thus greatly reducing your IT resource requirements and costs... And provide "comprehensive message security to stop spam, viruses, phishing, denial of service (DoS), directory harvest attacks (DHA), and other email attacks. Zero-hour anti-virus protection with multi-layered protection, including heuristic and signature-based detection.Extensive and detailed quarantine summary reporting to end-users through a convenient web console." Spam Filtering Service calls them self as "a powerful off-site spam filtering service which delivers sophisticated message filtering technology to ISPs, educational institutions, small businesses and corporate IT departments. The anti spam filtering service provides advanced pattern recognition techniques which simultaneously applies thousands of heuristic algorithms to your incoming email messages...  The spam filtering technology works by changing your domains MX (mail exchanger) record or your email client setting to redirect your incoming email messages through our secure Anti-Spam Gateway Firewall   Email is then filtered before it reaches your companies email server or ISP.  There are no administrative tasks for you to struggle with, and no hardware or software to purchase.  Peer-to-Peer's spam filtering service eliminates 99% of your junk email and all viruses that come along with it. Peer-to-Peer offers you and/or your business a month-to-month spam filtering service with no long term commitments.... 

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Katharion Spam Filter Service

"Spam Filtering Overview  Katharion provides highly effective email protection services to large enterprises, small businesses, governmental and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and Internet service providers.  As a managed service, Katharion is compatible with any email system and can be implemented rapidly. Independently proven to be more accurate than other solutions, Katharion’s industry-leading technology ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages."

Emerald Spam Filter Service

Cyber Patrol has developed a unique technology for use with their spam filter service that they call Stop and Dig.  According to their website, "This technology allows us to stop the processing of an email in order to dig the actual site referenced in the email.  We developed our first URL based spam filter in 2000.  Today we are in our third generation of technology and still going strong."

CudaMail is a spam filter service that combines the well the Barracuda spam filter appliance with the benefits of a spam filtering service. Cudamail describes their product this way...  "Our managed email spam filtering service, via our hosted Barracuda Spam Firewalls, provides your organization with the antispam and antivirus technology you need to reclaim your inbox..."

MX Logic Email Filtering, Web Filtering and Email Archiving Managed Security Services

MX Logic is one of the veteran spam filter services still standing.  While still a spam filter service, they have broadened their offering to include web defense, email archiving and more.  MX Logic is a managed service that describes their service this way ..."the MX Logic Email Defense Service works at the network perimeter to identify, quarantine, block and strip suspect email messages before they can enter the messaging infrastructure, based on customer preferences established in the intuitive, easy-to-use MX Control ConsoleSM."

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Spam reaches 30-year anniversary

"The first recognisable e-mail marketing message was sent on 3 May, 1978 to 400 people on behalf of DEC - a now-defunct computer-maker"

MySpace Wins Record $230M Suit Against Spammer

"MySpace is emerging the winner of a $230 million judgment against a spammer in what's believed to be the largest antispam case ever..." 

Diary of a deliberately spammed housewife

"The idea of the Spammed Persistently All Month (S.P.A.M.) experiment — which fittingly started on April Fool's Day — was to have 50 volunteers from around the world answer every spam message and pop-up ad on their PC..."

Sendmail introduces spam & virus protection for the cloud.

"Sentrion cloud services deploy a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that intercepts inbound emails containing spam and malware. In addition, Sentrion message processors provide critical email backbone functions, such as data loss prevention, directory-driven message routing and content policy enforcement."

Posted March 29, 2009